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Practice Makes Permanent

Updated: Jan 25, 2021


Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent, perfect practice makes perfect. ~Brent Ira Johnson Although the last portion of my fathers quote is undoubtedly somewhat problematic and likely gave a young me a complex. Years later I see the wisdom in his words. Practice makes permanent, William Durant an actual philosopher not just a old Canadian gym teacher says it this way “We are what we repeatedly do" We know one salad didn’t lose us 10 lbs, one workout didn’t get us our first pull up, one gift didn’t make us a great friend. It tiny choices and actions compounded over time that establishes behavior and the results we are proud of. Likewise if we choose the pizza over the chicken and veggies, we lift with poor form, we constantly bail on our friends, we know the results we get there. The back half of my dads quote is ‘perfect practice makes perfect’ or as Durant more eloquently puts it "Excellence then is not an act but a habit” Just putting in the time doesn't guarantee a positive result, purpose and intention are equally important. One day of great practice wont make us an Olympic lifter but it puts us on the path. Perhaps more importantly though, one donut does not make us a failure either. WE ARE WHAT WE REPEATEDLY DO. As we start a new year don't let one rough day, derail all the positive work we put in. Lets commit to practice what makes us proud, what makes us stronger, what we do with intention sticks.

Practice makes permanent ~ so let's practice perfectly.

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