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Make More Mistakes

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Pablo Picasso, was walking through the market one day when a young woman spotted him and ran over. She asked with great excitement and admiration for him to draw a picture for her as she handed over a piece of paper.

Pablo smiled, and obliged. He quickly drew a small, but beautiful, piece of art on the tiny piece of paper.

Absolutely stunned by the speed of such quality drawing, she asks – “But, Mr. Picasso, how is that possible? That only took you thirty seconds to draw this masterpiece!” Pablo smiled again, and replied “My good woman, it took me 30 years to draw that masterpiece in thirty seconds.”

As we grow, give ourselves permission to create “junk”. Give ourselves permission to laugh off mistakes, and get better through their lessons learned. We all want to thrive and do well, 100% of the time… but we also all know it can’t be that way.

Our own judgement can become our worst enemy, so let’s combat that.

Judge less. And practice more.

CompTrain Programming

The scoreboard doesnt matter 99% of the time, if we are constantly trying to score our best time or the most rounds we dont leave room to make mistakes. If we are protecting our “score” we wont give ourselves the freedom to try something new, to improve our technique, to fail.

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