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Updated: Jan 22, 2021


Never whine never complain never make excuses.

We want to eliminate all non-useful negative thought. Which 90% of our negative thoughts are not helpful in any way. Not touching the stove because you think it will burn you is smart, complaining that its raining doesnt help anyone. What we say often becomes our reality. Not because we have the power to conjure our minds eye into existence but because what we look for we see more of. Think about the last time you bought a car, did you all of a sudden start seeing similar vehicles either in color or model to the one you just purchased? 100s of more honda accords didn’t just appear out of thin air, but what we focus on we see more of. The same works with our mindset and our words. The more negativity that we put into the world the more likely we are going to see things to be unhappy about. Complaining also spreads like wildfire. “complaining is the easiest form of conversation” One of the lowest barriers to entry in any relationship is to complain about things together. We feel like we are bonding over similar interests but are those really the foundations we want to set for our friendships? “The only thing that complaining does is convince other people that we are not in control” The world is not out to get us, start looking at obstacles as opportunities. If we are truly chasing after our goals, what fulfills us most, we dont have time for anything that doesnt help get us closer to those things. Take ownership of what you can control and forget the rest. We dont whine, we dont complain, we dont make excuses.

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