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Updated: Jan 22, 2021


Never waste an opportunity to get better. We are gifted every day to push beyond our baseline.

I have the habit of stepping up on my burpees. It allows me to move at a steady pace but its much slower than jumping up and down. I quickly fall behind anyone jumping up after 4-5 reps. Just this last week we had 80 burpees in a workout and I stepped up on every single one. If i never start to jump up on those burpees ill never get faster than i did that day. No one cares about what your time is now, none of these scores matter. They are simply measurement tools. I probably would have flamed out and needed to rest a lot more but I had 80 repetitions to get better and I wasted every single one because I was too worried about my time.

Regardless of what your personal goals are, getting faster, staying healthy longer, being a more loving spouse. We need to leave our old habits in the past when we are practicing. We need to work on squatting to depth because we need to get off the toilet when we are 80, we need to push the pace on the rower if we ever want to hold that pace longer, we need to serve our loved ones….

This is not competition this is opportunity to improve. If youre afraid to make a mistake, to try something new, or so caught up about your time, you wont move past where you already are.

Its fine if you want to pick a day a week to “compete” or test yourself. Every other workout we should be looking for chances to improve our movement, increase our pace, or hold on to another rep.

If you need to squat deeper, even if it means moving slower do it! If you know you can do 10 wall balls every time try doing 11. It is ok to not get your best time every day, actually getting better every day is how we push our progress down the road further than if we “win” this workout.

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