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Best hour of your day

Jerry, of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream famously said, "If it’s not fun what’s the point."

Where I would rephrase this famous quote to "if it’s not fulfilling why are you doing it? The founder's statement rings true, we should love what we do.

When you come through the door of your gym I hope that you have the best hour of your day. We look forward to coming here because most of the time this is fun. Even more when we don't love the workout we know it leads towards fulfillment. Fulfillment doesn't always walk around looking like fun, usually its hard, it looks like burpees and kettlebell swings…it costs you something in the short term in order to receive long term gain. But at the end of the day Crossfit is just exercise, there is no reason to be stressed out, if you’re not leaving here more fulfilled then we coaches and owners have failed you.

Just remember this is something that we choose to do because its fun, because our friends are here, its not that serious. Im as guilty as anyone of forgetting that this is a hobby and something I do to make my life better. Be encouraged when it's hard, it's supposed to be, but let this be one of the best hours of your day.

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