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We don't always need an opinion

There is immense freedom in not having to win trivial arguments. Do not get caught up in the minutiae of the distractions around you. Focus your attention on what moves you towards your goals. Go all in on what you can control, what moves the needle for you, let the rest go. You have a license to not have an opinion on every subject.

When the mission is clear, the destination set, the route planned, let others be distracted and turned off course. When inundated with frivolous debate, we don't engage, we stay on the road we have marked out for ourselves. Our actions speak for us, we already have the last word.


For most of my life I have wanted other people to think of me as smart, connected, in-the-know. Ive had an opinion on every matter even if I had to come up with it on the spot. I am positive this has made me an absolute pain in the ass to be around. I have wasted hours of others and my time spouting poorly thought out arguments and ideas that ultimately led nowhere. Hopefully anyone who has been unfortunate enough to encounter this knew well enough to tune me out. I am learning (emphasis on LEARNING) to stay in my lane, to fight the fights that are core to who I am. It is hard to have a relevant opinion on 100 topics, I am choosing to dive deep into those that matter to me, the rest I am letting the experts handle.

Note: Some of these conversations can be fun distractions. I am realizing I no longer need to spend an hour debating who is the best fantasy football quarterback of all time. I have sh*t to do.

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