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We need more Ted Lasso's

Im sure the show 'Ted Lasso' has been out for a long time. We dont get around to watching much TV. However after many folks I trust told me it was not only fun entertainment but worthwhile investment of time.

Ted embodies a lot of what I talk about here, he's growth minded, he goes beyond his realm of comfort, he is not discouraged by the outside world, he controls what he can and lets the rest go. In a world full of negativity Ted Lasso is a light and a reminder of who we all can be.

Be curious, not judgmental. ~ Walt Whitman

Curiosity is the heart of the growth minded, the life blood of the learner. Our ability to thrive is stifled the second we choose judgement over curiosity. We solidify a fixed mindset in that moment. Not only do we crush our opportunity to grow but doing so with humans we cut off our ability to grow relationships. Ted Lasso renewed my spirit, I get to choose curiosity, kindness, to seek to understand before I make decisions. After 2020 I think we all need a pleasant reminder of what it looks like to be a good human.

I could write a lot more about this idea and maybe someday I will, but for today just check this show out or the link to this scene below and be encouraged to be a decent person who listens first.

Darts Scene - Walt Whitman Quote

This poster available on Etsy, Ill put the link at the bottom.

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